Addressing the big questions in healthcare and life in general, with advisory and discussion from Dr Sam Hazledine.

  • Dr Patrick McCarthy's Exceptional Story

    Dr Patrick McCarthy is New Zealand’s only medically certified hypnotherapist. A qualified general practitioner, he initially studied hypnosis to help one of his patients, a pregnant lady who had anxiety around giving birth. He is now an internationally recognised author and lecturer on the subject and has run a specialist medical hypnotherapy clinic in Wellington since 1996.    Hypnotherapy has been recognised as a form of therapy by the American and British Medical Associations since the 1950s, but is not so well known in New Zealand. In his conversation with Dr Sam Hazledine, Patrick discusses New Zealand’s ‘pessimistic’ problem and how doctors can tackle stress and anxiety using a simple, quick technique.   

    Dr Tash Thompson's Exceptional Story

    Tash Thompson is a Paediatric Registrar at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.   Her medical career has been an unusual one. She studied biomedical science and gained a graduate diploma in education before studying to become a doctor – an interest she’d had since high school.   
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