The next evolution of the Declaration of Geneva


How often do you get the chance to be part of improving the health and wellbeing of EVERY PERSON ON THE PLANET?

When doctors take care of themselves, they practice better medicine. But 87% of doctors are stressed and aren’t taking care of themselves in their desire to put patients first, and this is harming our patients.

The Declaration of Geneva was created to guide our profession to be the best it can be, to provide the best possible care to patients; to truly do this we must acknowledge the need as doctors to care for ourselves.

I propose, in the spirit of putting the patients’ best needs at the forefront, that it is time for an addition to the Declaration of Geneva:

I WILL TAKE CARE of my health and well-being so I can provide care of the highest standard

Lend your voice to this, have our profession formally acknowledge this need, and our entire profession improves which positively impacts the health and wellbeing of everyone on Earth; your voice matters. 


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    It was the looming sensation of approaching burnout which prompted my decision to jump off the house surgeon to registrar to consultant merry-go-round and make my medical career a part-time locum-based one.
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    Doctor friends or friends who have Doctor friends - from us in NZ to to the world. Please take a few mins to watch thisSign the petition NOW: The next evolution of the Declaration of Geneva
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    Great video – very inspiring and you are totally right. As a niece and granddaughter of seriously hard working amazing Doctors and I know how their families got impacted. As a doctor myself , I am so aware of how important this is in what I have learned on my journey though the challenges of our profession in our lives. I congratulate you on bringing this to the world.
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    well done
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    Dr paschal
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    Sign the petition NOW: The next evolution of the Declaration of Geneva
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    This is desperately needed for all members of the medical profession; fro medical students to consultants.
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    Sign the petition NOW: The next evolution of the Declaration of Geneva
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    I think this is a great idea, but we also need to keep evolving the system so that this becomes second nature for all health professionals and there is no stigma or bullying attached to self-care and addressing stress-related or mental health problems. It is not just a people problem, but a systemic problem as well.
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    Fully agree