Surround yourself by people who fill you up, not empty you.

Don't waste energy on the limiting beliefs of others Our energy is precious As doctors we look after a lot of people but it’s time we should look after each other and support each other. Continue reading

Today isn’t as good as it gets

Be willing to question the status quo Today cannot be as good as it gets Every day is just the beginning Never stop questioning What keeps me going is the unknown  Continue reading

With acknowledgement comes responsibility

Being a doctor is a privilege Be grateful If everybody gives a little bit more than they take, the whole of our community and our society will go forward “When you walk into that room, whether it’s here or at home, you have to make sure that they believe that the only person in your mind is them and they have your 100% focus.”  Continue reading

Keep something of the best of you for those that care the most for you

Remember your family need you Life outside medicine impacts how you are as a doctor Stay fit and healthy Link with positive energy Enjoy yourself  Continue reading