Elite Performance and How to Maintain It

  With the Rio Olympics still fresh on our minds, it’s topical to talk about elite performance and how to maintain it. There is a body of evidence to show that doctors’ decision-making ability can be impaired at the end of long shifts. Is this unavoidable, or can this be addressed? Continue reading

The Secret to Building a Strong GP Patient Base in Australia

Dr Maha Selvanathan is a General Practicioner based in a rural DWS (District of Workforce Shortage) in New South Wales, Australia. After frequently receiving messages from newly qualified GPs, worrying about how they’d fare in their new roles and asking how to build a strong client base, Dr Maha shared her advice in an interview with MedWorld. Continue reading

From Sam - Overworked Doctors: The Evidence is Out There

Recently I came across an article, 'Overworked doctors making mistakes with patients - survey', that just adds more fuel to my fire that it is definitely time for our profession to formally acknowledge the need to as doctors look after ourselves so that we can best look after our patients. Continue reading

Striving or Thriving? Learn to Live Life as an Exceptional Doctor

As doctors, as people, we strive to live lives of both high performance and high enjoyment. They do go together, they go hand in hand, and in fact they must go hand in hand because high enjoyment leads to high performance. Continue reading

From Sam - A Lesson

As a junior doctor I was terrified of making a mistake. Given at that time I also knew next to nothing about medicine, this was a bad combination! Continue reading

From Sam - Feeling Lost

When I was working 16 hour days consistently I found it was pretty easy to just turn up to work and go through the motions. It was not fun but it was tolerable, but I remember once when I made a poor clinical decision that feeling turned quickly to despondency. Continue reading

From Sam - My first job

Last year I toured the country speaking to all the graduating medical students about life as a doctor. They were enthusiastic, energetic and they all looked well rested! Continue reading

From Sam - Why I am Doing This

I didn't set out to be an entrepreneur. I set out just to be able to graduate from med school and become a doctor. I had a small detour when I hit my hit in an accident and almost died. I was told I'd never be a doctor. I worked my ass off to prove I was more than the ‘head injury’ label I now carried. I got my medical degree in 2003 and started working as an intern at Dunedin hospital. I remember getting home one night after midnight, totally exhausted. Continue reading

Crossing Greenland - The First Two Weeks on the Ice

Dr Gareth Andrews and his team have been on their epic journey of crossing Greenland unsupported for two weeks so far. Here we take a day by day look at their adventure so far from messages received from Gareth from sub-zero conditions. Continue reading

Crossing Greenland - Final Preparations

Dr Gareth Andrews and his team of polar explorers have landed in Greenland and are about to start the epic crossing East to West, unsupported. Continue reading