Dr Richard Stephenson explains why three doctors have decided to attempt the world’s first packraft descent of Iceland’s Skjálfandafljót river Continue reading

Celebrating the Wins | Evolving the Declaration of Geneva

Last Thursday the teams at MedRecruit, MedWorld and MedCapital took a moment to celebrate evolving the Declaration of Geneva to include Doctor Wellbeing. Continue reading

The amendment of the Declaration of Geneva for improved Doctor Wellbeing

Over the weekend, at the General Assembly in Chicago, USA, the World Medical Association voted unanimously to amend the Declaration of Geneva, the modern-day Hippocratic Oath, the value-set of doctors, to acknowledge the importance of doctor wellbeing. Continue reading

Ch ch changes| Be it in Your Doctor Jobs or Personal Lives

In any sort of job, there is always going to be change, even doctor jobs. It might be anything from you changing jobs completely, a new management structure or new hospital policies are implemented.   Recently all MedRecruit staff attended Change Management workshops in preparation for making the move to a brand new database system, which will help us to deliver even more exceptional service to you. The workshops were run by an external consultant and were really well received by everyone. We’d like to share a little of what we learnt as the same principles can be applied to change in any area of your life be it personal or in your doctor jobs.    Continue reading

Whole Life Health | Taking the first steps to doctor wellbeing

It’s no secret that over half of doctors are experiencing burnout and the majority are over-stressed. What’s less well known is that this is causing depersonalisation, and in turn, this causes increases in major medical errors. The way we are being doctors is harming, even killing, our patients. So, if the problem is so obvious, why isn’t it being effectively addressed? Continue reading

Why doctor jobs can be stressful – How to be less stressed at work and become a better doctor

I believe that anyone can be exceptional, that any doctor can be exceptional and live an exceptional life, and as doctors when we do that we practice better medicine. Doctor jobs do not have to be stressful, it should be a rewarding and fulfilling career. Continue reading

How do you measure success?

Success is personal for each of us isn’t it? My definition is not the same as yours.   For some it might be being an exceptional doctor, for others it might be getting the perfect locum jobs, for others it might be a fulfilling family life etc. There are infinite possibilities. Continue reading

Be a small fish

As I have previously noted, Anthony Robbins said, ‘The quality of your life is a direct reflection of the expectations of your peer group.’   As human beings most of us care to some extent about what people think of us. At some level we want to fit in and to connect with those closest to us. Continue reading

Knowing when to say ‘no’

You’re busy, I get that. So are we all.   You will have heard the advice that “You need to learn how to say no” I’m sure.   The question is, when do we apply this? Continue reading

Why do you need to stack your corner?

There are two ways to learn:   1. The ‘learn as you go’ method where you make your own mistakes and re-invent the wheel to grind out slow and laborious progress 2. The fast track where you learn from others and refine tested ideas to make fast and effective progress Continue reading