Whole Life Health Webinar


Research shows over half of doctors are experiencing burnout and 87% are stressed. We know this leads to medical errors and an unfulfilling life, but knowing this isn’t enough. Knowledge is only powerful when it’s applied.

The Whole Life Health Mastery series provides evidence-based knowledge and wellbeing techniques along with a framework to make healthy habits part of your life.

Designed by a doctor, for doctors, the series is delivered through a combination of live webinars and videos that’s ideal for busy doctors. The live webinars provide you with an opportunity to interact with international doctor wellbeing advocate Dr Sam Hazledine, and the videos provide you with the ability to digest information at your own pace.


Join Dr Sam Hazledine and invest in your own wellbeing, so you can be your best self for your patients and family.




In the series, you will:

  • Learn how to structure your life to be more fulfilling
  • Discover how to master your time to achieve results, not tick off to-do lists
  • Uncover three questions to focus your mind effectively
  • Learn about mindfulness and how to integrate it into your everyday life
  • Learn how to incorporate *effective* exercise into your day
  • Learn the six common financial mistakes doctors are making, and how to create a robust financial plan
  • Learn how to effectively recruit people so you aren’t running short-staffed
  • Learn how you can become a coach for other doctors (if you desire)
  • And more…


Season 1 Session Guide

1. Introduction to Whole Life Health Webinar (Live Webinar) 1 December 2017

Why is doctor health and wellbeing so important? In this live session, Sam will share the evidence behind why this is not only important for you, it's critically important for your patients. He will show you how your own personal happiness and fulfilment is important to your clinical practice and share the evidence-based methods to increase your own levels of happiness. We'll also discuss what you can control and how you can stack the deck in your favour.

2. Mastery: Time  (Video) 8 December 2017

It’s all well and good learning about evidence-based ways to increase your own health and wellbeing, but what if you can’t fit it in? In this session, Sam will share the most powerful ways he has learned to manage his time whilst running five organisations across two countries, with over one hundred staff. This session is delivered as a video so you can watch it in your own time and easily review content.

3. Mastery: Mind One (Live Webinar) 15 December 2017

It is likely you have heard about mindfulness and meditation and its health and wellbeing benefits. But despite knowing its benefits, are you doing it regularly? In this live session, Sam will introduce guest speaker Dr Tonya Cruikshank, a medical doctor who's certified as a mindfulness trainer. Dr Cruikshank will teach you ways to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life to realise its full benefits. 

4. Mastery: Mind Two (Live Webinar) 22 December 2017

You’ve learned how to raise your baseline levels of wellbeing using mindfulness. For the first part of this live session, Sam will check in with you and we'll work through any questions you have. In the second part of this session, Sam will share a powerful, three-step technique to help you work through issues that arise in your average day as a doctor. 

5. Mastery: Body One (Video) 29 December 2017

In this session, Sam will share evidence on the importance of taking care of your mental wellbeing through physical exercise. He'll show you how to create positive habits and set challenges to help you get started. By mastering these key areas, you'll master your physiology and create a sound foundation. This session is shared via video so you can watch in your own time and make decisions about what you will personally apply in your own life.

6. BONUS: Science of Achievement (Video) 1 January 2018

Achieving outcomes that are meaningful to you is a core component of a fulfilled life. In this session, Sam walks you through his evidence-based method to clarify meaningful outcomes and set yourself up for success. Have some fun with this! Paint the picture of your life and how you want it to look, then make it in that image.

7. Mastery: Body Two (Live Webinar) 6 January 2018

How did you go making changes to your exercise, diet and sleep? If you struggled to make changes in the earlier sessions, then there’s likely a mindset change that needs to be made. Sam invites you to explore those challenges with him, to address them effectively in order to make lasting change.

8. Mastery: Finance (Video) 12 January 2018

Doctors are consistently among the top money-earning professions in Australasia, so why are four out of five doctors delaying retirement for financial reasons? Doctors are regularly victims of six common financial mistakes that are costing them their financial future. In this session, Sam will share these mistakes, and will show you how to avoid them. Sam will then walk you through all the elements of a sound financial plan, and will step you through the creation of your own plan.

9. Recruitment (Video) 19 January 2018

Running short-staffed is the number one external stressor that faces doctors. Having run MedRecruit, Australasia’s largest medical staffing agency for the past 11 years, Sam is well placed to know how to differentiate yourself in your recruitment. In this session, Sam will share where to look for staff, how to attract them and then what you can do to retain them. Make recruitment a strength and you go a long way towards creating the foundation for you to be able to have a life beyond your career.

10. Your Next Steps (Live Webinar) 26 January 2018

Once you’ve mastered the core determinants of your health and wellbeing, what’s next? Changing the paradigm of medicine from sacrificing ourselves as doctors to serve our patients, to fostering our health and wellbeing to best serve our patients, is a marathon, not a sprint. In this session, Sam will walk you through the three steps to being the change you want to see in the world and he'll offer you the opportunity to become a mentor to other doctors through MedWorld.