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Tom Mulholland biography

Dr Tom Mulholland is an Emergency Department physician at Auckland Hospital, an honorary lecturer in psychological medicine at Auckland Clinical School and founder of the Healthy Thinking Institute.   Tom’s research includes workplace stress, emotional control, productivity and psycho neuro immunology. His books on healthy thinking are best sellers and are translated into 12 languages. He consults on stress and attitude globally to some of the world’s largest corporations. He’s passionate about healthy thinking and how to diagnose and treat what he calls ‘attitude illness’.   When he’s not working as a doctor, on the speaking circuit or on a mission somewhere in the world, Tom enjoys extreme sports and expeditions. He was awarded a New Zealand Defence Force Special Services medal for his medical work in the Boxing Day tsunami and he’s even had a stint as a doctor on a Russian icebreaker in the Southern Ocean.   Tom is also known to be out an about in  his retro ambulance going around New Zealand trying to make doctors and people happier and healthier. Continue reading