Why we exist


MedWorld has four core objectives:


  • Research into stress in doctors

MedWorld conducted research that tied stress to depersonalisation, and depersonalisation to increases in major medical errors. This was ground-breaking, as it created the leverage needed to change the profession.


  • Advocacy for doctors’ wellbeing

MedWorld successfully lobbied the World Medical Association to amend the Declaration of Geneva, the value-set of doctors worldwide, to include doctor health. We continue to lobby for the wellbeing of our profession.


  • Development of evidence-based methods to help doctors thrive

MedWorld has created an online program that it provides free to doctors to help master the eight evidence-based skills the research identified are necessary. We also provide a wellbeing conference and comprehensive wellbeing program to Royal Colleges.


  • Celebration of doctors

MedWorld is a community to share exceptional doctors’ messages and rekindle doctors’ love of medicine. This is a place to feel good about being a doctor.


It’s our purpose to help doctors and healthcare organisations discover what exceptional means to them, and then provide opportunities, tools and support to help them close the gap between where they are now and where they want to be.


This is our passion, we exist to serve you.


Join our community and get connected to discover how the World's best doctors stay on top of their game. Utilise our support tools and contribute to the wellbeing of your peers through our discussion forums.


Each month we share stories of exceptional doctors who are doing exceptional things in their communities. We provide videos, podcasts and articles that will help you discover new ways of working and perform better than ever before.


Welcome and best wishes,


Dr Sam Hazledine

Founding Partner